This section aims to provide guidance and support for Practitioners tasked with changing the way they work to help make Self-directed Support a reality.

Foundations of self-directed support in Scotland (KG097), is a short Open University course that explores the development and impact of personalisation in health and social care in Scotland. Personalisation involves citizens becoming active participants in selecting and shaping health, social care and other services. Personalisation is at the root of developments, such as self-directed support, that enable people to make their own decisions about the care and support that they receive.

The course will help provide understanding about the origins of the Self-directed Support Act and the principles that it is based on. It will also explore some of the potential tensions and challenges of personalisation, and its expression in self-directed support – for service users, carers and the health and social care workforce.

The course aims to provide a broad grounding in personalisation and is intended to be studied by all sorts of people: service users, carers and people who are employed in health and social care, including personal assistants, social care workers, nurses, social workers and doctors.

This course is divided into six sections of study which viewers can study at the times that suit them. Employers and anyone interested in staff development and training could use the course as a stand-alone online resource, or in conjunction with face-to-face sessions covering topics within the course.

The materials are designed for study at the computer screen (but sections can be printed out to read elsewhere) in short periods, for example, half-an-hour now and then at home or at work, or a couple of hours on a train journey.

Each section includes video resources and interactive tools organised as learning activities. The learning activities are there to help the viewer think about personalisation, and if and how it makes sense in their work or personal life.

The unit’s sections are as follows:

  • Section 1: Understanding personalisation and its history
  • Section 2: Working together for personalisation
  • Section 3: Outcomes-based thinking
  • Section 4: Personalisation and co-production
  • Section 5: Personalisation, risk of harm and adult protection
  • Section 6: Workforce

To access the course, please click here.

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