Service Users


If you think you need support in your daily life then you may want to contact your council to talk about this with a professional, like a social worker. This section provides information on the steps required to do this and the support and information available to you.


Assessment of needs by your social worker or other practitioner


Discussion of Options


Option 1

You choose to receive a direct payment to purchase support yourself. You will have access to advice and support from your council and your local support service.

Option 2

Your council may give you the option to choose your own support while it holds the money and arranges the chosen support on your behalf.

Option 3

You choose to have the council select the appropriate support and arrange it for you.

Option 4

A mix of options 1,2 and 3 for specific aspects of your support.

You agree your preferred option with your social worker


Support plan agreed


You begin receiving your chosen support

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